We Have a Serious Case Going on Here

We have a serious case going on here…it is driving me nuts. Here’s an example:

Pick that up,

Don’t put that down,

Come over here,

Don’t go in there,

Go to the potty,

Not in there,

over here,

Take off your diaper,

don’t pee in the floor,

don’t put that down,

pick that up,

get in the tub,

take off your shirt,

don’t stretch your shirt,

take off your shorts,

go potty,

not in there,

get in the tub,

wait the water’s too hot,

take off your socks,

don’t throw your socks,

don’t walk, run

pick that up,

don’t put that down,

don’t hold that,

put that away,

no more playing,

don’t run, walk

here play with this,

put the bath toys away,

here play with this bottle,

get in the tub,

quit splashing water,

let the water out,

no don’t pull the stopper out,

here, take this to mommy,

don’t drop it,

give it here,

don’t put that down,

pick that up,







And, so goes every fifteen minutes of my life, lather, rinse, repeat and it isn’t me folks, I’ve read the book and learned to quit some of that craziness…but my other half…he quit reading half way through the book..ugh

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